Our Services

Practical tools and solutions to understand human behavior and how to influence one another for the common good.

ROI & Benefits

  • Common Language = PROFITABILITY through collective cooperation & increased productivity.
  • Better Customer Service = client retention ($$$)
  • Effective Communication = reduced stress, conflict & apathy plus PRODUCTIVE and tenured employees
  • Personal Style Understanding = enhanced communication with all personality styles

Available Wokshops

  • Half Day focused “Four Dimensional Communication Skills”
  • Full Day enhanced “Four Dimensional Communication Skills”
  • Half Day focused “Cooperative Colorful Teams”
  • Full Day enhanced “Cooperative Colorful Teams”
  • Full Day “Colorful World Commonality Understanding”
  • Half Day focused “The Four Dimensional Sales Leader”
  • Full Day enhanced “The Four Dimensional Sales Leader”
  • One Day focused “Four Dimensional Leadership”
  • Two Day enhanced “Four Dimensional Leadership”
  • Half Day focused “Attitudes for Life”
  • Full Day enhanced “Attitudes for Life”

What will you learn?

  • Foundation - understanding of four basic personality styles (Color Energies). All are easy to understand and remember providing practical communication tools for immediate use.
  • "Perception IS Reality" - understanding different ‘perceptions’ based on each personality style (Color Energy).
  • Behavior Manifestations - understanding how each personality style (Color Energy) behaves in normal circumstances, under stress, and at its optimum. Maximizing communication and understanding from one personality style to another in any circumstance.
  • Influence to Win - how each style influences another.
  • MINIMIZE Conflict - communicating in an “opposite” style (Color Energy) to minimize misunderstandings, realizing “it is not personal”.
  • Personal Success - adapting your preferred style (Color Energy) in any circumstance for maximum understanding and productivity.