A Little About Us

MindStretch was founded in January of 2000 by Deidre Tretsven and Leslie Amerman, two professional women who desired and felt passionate about providing quality technology training underscored by superior customer service. While excelling in technology training, it became abundantly clear that the most successful partnership in learning was by focusing on understanding the diversity of people. In 2003, Deidre and Leslie added “Personality Diversity Training” to their portfolio to help businesses/employees better connect and impact their overall results.

Understanding "Personality Diversity" is the key to understanding and connecting with anyone. MindStretch has worked with all types of assessments over the past ten plus years and discovered it really does not matter WHAT type of assessment you use but HOW you use it that makes the difference.

MindStretch has taken "Personality Diversity" to the next level. Now these differences are defined by the use of color which makes them easy to remember and practical to use. It is not enough to know what makes you tick and how you are different; you need to be able to recognize what makes others different, and then how you can adapt your style to theirs to make a connection.

The practical application of these “color energies” is the reason MindStretch’s training program is different and has been so successful. Deidre and Leslie have a passion for helping people and are constantly looking for ways to improve interpersonal skills for enhanced understanding.

Deidre and Leslie have been certified in the use of various assessments such as “Insights Discovery”, DISC, and ICS. They have also worked with MBTI and Please Understand Me. Both are experienced trainers and have been providing professional coaching and training for individuals, small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies across the nation.

Some of the companies who have used our "Color Energies" programs:
  • BMC Software
  • KBR
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • HP
  • IBM