• Red Energy:"Get to the point, now!"

  • Green Energy:"Include everyone and be fair!"

  • Yellow Energy:"Let’s make it fun and exciting!"

  • Blue Energy:"Details, more details, please!"

Communication - Ingenuity - Integrity

Unlocking personal & organizational potential

MindStretch is a women- owned business that has been guiding people to acquire, hone and apply greater communication and life skills for over a decade. Experience has taught us that the most important skill you can have is how to communicate effectively with people.

Commonality Through Diversity

What is Commonality-Diversity?
  • Individual approaches to collective problem solving
  • Viewpoints towards working with others
  • Differences in attitudes or life Values
  • Differences in humor
  • Variety of Cultures
  • Differences in generations
  • Different Values
  • Different Gender
Benefits of Commonality Training

Why this training is "CRITICAL" because many times conflict is blamed on race, gender, nationality, culture or generational differences when in reality it is simply a personality conflict. STOP issues before they become major problems.

What will you learn in Commonality training?
  • Different personality traits as defined by four main Color Energies for each individual are easy to remember, easy to use.
  • Differences in perception of different personalities (Color Energies).
  • Behavior of different personalities (Color Energies) under stress and effective use to gain productivity.
  • How different personalities (Color Energies) influence one another.
  • Strengths and Challenges of different personalities (Color Energies).
  • How using the language of (Color Energies) makes personality differences impersonal.

Colorful Teams

What makes up a High Performance team?
  • Understanding and recognizing the different strengths that different personalities (Color Energies) bring to the team.
  • Harmoniously working together, using each individual gift (Color Energy) for the good of the team and company.
Red Energy Team Member
  • Goal Directed
Green Energy Team Member
  • Make sure all of the people involved are part of the process
Blue Energy Team Member
  • Establish the process
Yellow Energy Team Member
  • Creative solutions

Selling in a Colorful World

Your Selling Style versus their Buying Style
  • Red Energy Seller - This is what I have and you need it SIGN HERE.
  • Green Energy Buyer - What I already have works fine; I need to talk to someone else about this and besides I really like my current vendor.
    NO SALE!
  • Blue Energy seller - There are 400 different things this widget can do, let me tell you all about them.
  • Yellow Energy buyer - Boring, wordy, hope he quits talking soon.
    NO SALE!
We buy from people we like and who are like us. Learn how to adapt your selling style to all different personality type (color energies) buyers. Understand and recognize different values and attitudes so you can adapt your style and influence them to buy from you.

4 Dimensional Leadership

One dimensional Leader
Four dimensional leaders (consider all the different personalities (Color Energies and Attitudes)
  • Have we considered the process?
  • Have we thought about all the people involved?
  • Is everyone on board with the change?
  • Are our goals clearly defined?

Values & Attitudes

Our attitudes are our learned behavior and how we look at the world.

Practical; Whatever Works; Pragmatic

Truth; Knowledge; Why

Beauty; Form and Harmony

A Closed System of Beliefs or Principals

Helping Others

Power and Influence

It is not enough to know about your inherited personality style (Color Energies), you need to know about your “Values & Attitudes” in life, this is learned behavior. The combination of “Color Energies” and “Values & Attitudes” make up the whole person.